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Research & Development

Beijing Beilu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is devoted to the most cutting-edge and advanced product research and development in the field of contrast agent and has undertaken major national and local scientific research projects in that field. The company's R&D center is equipped with complete equipment and instruments, including HPLC, GC, UV, atomic absorption, automatic potentiometric titrator, automatic moisture meter, melting point apparatus, intelligent dissolution device, constant temperature humidity chamber, high-speed tablet press, three-dimensional mixer, oscillating granulator, high-efficiency coating machine, etc. The company awarded the honorable title of national high-tech enterprise, Beijing engineering laboratory for biomedical imaging medicine, and the industry-leading company of Beijing G20 Project.

The R&D centre has more than 80 researchers with bachelor's degrees or above, all of whom have relevant working experience for many years. The centre of Beilu Pharma is divided into several departments, including raw material, preparation, analysis, microbiology, clinic, regulatory affairs, and information. With the focuses on the three fields of contrast agent, hypoglycemic and anti-anxiety drugs, it is committed to independent research and development, achievement introduction and transformation as well as technical improvement of existing varieties.

After nearly 30 years of development, Beijing Beilu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd has gradually established its advantages on R&D and production of the three fields: contrast medium, hypoglycemic, and central nervous drugs. The company pays attention to and adheres to scientific and technological progress, focuses on sustainable development, and attaches great importance to the investment in product research and development and the improvement of its comprehensive strength in research and development, promoting the enterprise development with the foothold of technical innovation. The company integrates talent, technology, information, capital, mechanism, and other elements in the most efficient manner and rapidly realizes the technological result transformation. To maintain sustainable enterprise competitiveness, Beilu Pharmaceutical has formulated the research and development directions of three fields: contrast agent, hypoglycemic, and central nervous drugs. It pays attention to the cooperation with universities and scientific research institutions as well as the protection of intellectual property rights, makes use of its own advantages, and insists on scientific and technological innovation to continuously launch new products.