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Beilu Pharma's Iohexol Injection Won the Bid in the Fifth round of National Centralized Drug Procurement


On June 23, Beilu Pharma participated in the fifth round of national centralized drug procurement organized by the National Organization for Centralized Drug Procurement and Use of the Joint Procurement Office.

The company's Iohexol injection (100ml: 35g(I)) was proposed to be selected in the centralized procurement.

Iohexol Injection (100ml: 35g(I)) passed the consistency evaluation of generic products’ quality and efficacy in Apr. 2021. In 2020, the sales revenue from Iohexol Injection was RMB220.96 million, accounting for approximately 26.71% of the operation income of the company.


The relevant information is hereby announced as below:


Generic name of the drug



Proposed selected price

Procurement lead time

Iohexol Injection


X-ray contrast agents It can be   used for cardiovascular angiography, arteriography, urography, venography,   enhanced CT examinations etc.


2 years


Note: The abovementioned product’s proposed winning price and information will be subject to the final announcement issued by the Joint Procurement Office. You can have a look at the iohexol package insert here.

Iohexol Injection

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