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New Specifications of Repaglinide Tablets from Beilu Pharma Were Deemed to Have Passed the Generic Drugs Quality and Efficacy Consistency Evaluation


Now, our company received the Notification of Approval of Supplementary Application for Repaglinide Tablets issued by the State Medical Products Administration (Notification No. : 2021 B04618). After the company obtained the approval of repaglinide tablet 0.5mg, the company obtained the approval of repaglinide tablet 1mg new specification, which is considered to have passed the generic drug quality and efficacy consistency evaluation.

Repaglinide tablets are non-sulfonylurea insulin secreting agents and are used as therapeutic agents for type 2 diabetes. This drug was listed on the domestic market in 2000 and is a class B drug in the national medical insurance catalog. At present, it has been listed as a drug for diabetic patients with renal insufficiency by many guidelines at home and abroad.

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