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Beilu Pharma Invested 192 Million Yuan In Cangzhou Raw Material Production Project


The integration of "APIs + Injection" is the key layout of Beilu Pharma (300016)'s strategic development in recent years, and the construction of contrast agent APIs is one of the company's key tasks.

At present, the company has built and begun the production line of gadopentetate meglumine raw material medicine in the Biomedical Industrial Park of Bohai New District, Cangzhou & Beijing, and the production line of iodine contrast agent raw material medicine of the holding subsidiary Hitachi Pharma has also been put into production. Today, the company once again announced that it expects to invest 192 million yuan to start the construction of the "Cangzhou Phase III Raw Material Production Project". It is reported that the company will build a new API production workshop within the reserved land of the Cangzhou plant. The construction period is 2 years. The planned total investment is 192.4414 million yuan, of which some of the funds will come from the unused raised funds under the "Cangzhou Solid Preparation New Workshop Project", the rest are the company's funds. According to the plan, the "Cangzhou Phase III Raw Material Production Project" covers the production of gadolinium series contrast agent raw materials and pharmaceutical excipients such as gadobutrol injection and gadoteric acid meglumine, as well as the expansion of the intermediate products of Jiuwei Zhenxin Granules. As an important part of the company's industrial layout of gadolinium series APIs, "Cangzhou Phase III Raw Material Production Project" will leverage the company's technical and management advantages to further expand the distribution and production capacity of gadolinium series contrast agent APIs and pharmaceutical excipients to achieve scale efficiency, improve the cost advantage and competitive advantage of the company, and then enhance the company's profitability and core competitiveness.

In recent years, the sales revenue of the company's blockbuster product Jiuwei Zhenxin Granules has continued to rise. With the continuous expansion of the market demand for Jiuwei Zhenxin Granules, the company's existing production lines may not be able to meet the growing demand for orders in the future. Therefore, this project plans to introduce high-end equipment production lines, adopt advanced production technology, realize further optimization of production capacity, and actively respond to the market to fully meet the needs of patients for medication.

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