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Repaglinide Tablets

Repaglinide tablets are non-sulfonylurea insulin secretion agents and are used to treat patients with type 2 diabetes. Repaglinide tablets were listed in China in 2000, and it is a Class B drug in the National Medical Insurance List. Repaglinide tablets have been listed as a drug for diabetic patients with renal insufficiency by many guidelines at home and abroad.

Anti-Diabetic Drugs-Repaglinide Tablets

Product name: Repaglinide Tablets

Characteristic: White or off-white tablet

Specification:  repaglinide 0.5mg×30 tablets, repaglinide 0.5mg×60 tablets.


It is used for type 2 diabetes (non-insulin-dependent) patients whose hyperglycemia cannot be effectively controlled by diet control, weight loss and exercise. When metformin alone cannot effectively control hyperglycemia, Repaglinide tablets can be combined with metformin. Treatment should start from the adjuvant treatment of diet control and exercise to reduce blood sugar during meals.

Specifications of Repaglinide Tablets: 0.5mg

Usage and Dosage,Adverse reactions,Contraindications,Precautions:

Please refer to the package insert.

Medicine Interactions:

Some drugs are known to affect glucose metabolism. Therefore, doctors should consider possible drug interactions.

In vitro studies have shown that the metabolism of Repaglinide is affected by CYP2C8 and CYP3A4. Repaglinide was found to be a substrate for active liver uptake (organic anion transporter OATP1B1).

Data from clinical studies carried out in healthy volunteers show that CYP2C8 is the main enzyme in the metabolism of Repaglinide, while CYP3A4 has limited effects. But if the effect of CYP2C8 is inhibited, the effect of CYP3A4 will be relatively enhanced. Therefore, the metabolism and clearance of Repaglinide may be changed due to the inhibition or induction of cytochrome P450. Therefore, extreme caution should be exercised when using CYP2C8 and CYP3A4 inhibitors simultaneously with Repaglinide. Drugs that inhibit OATP1B1 (such as cyclosporine) may increase the plasma concentration of Repaglinide. ( For more details, please refer to the package insert.)

Storage: Similar to the storage of glimepiride tablets, tab repaglinide should also be shaded, sealed, kept in a dry place.


Aluminum plastic packaging, 15 pills/plate , 2 plates/box; 15 pills/plate, 4 plates/box, 15 pills/plate, 6 plates/box

Shelf life: 24 months

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