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Beilu Pharmaceutical Once Again Honored as "Advanced Unit for Routine Monitoring of Adverse Drug Reactions in Beijing"


Recently, the Beijing Municipal Drug Administration and the Beijing Municipal Health Commission released a "Notification on Units and Individuals with Outstanding Performance in Drug, Medical Device, and Cosmetic Adverse Reaction Monitoring for the Year 2023." Beijing Beilu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was awarded the title of "Advanced Unit for Routine Drug Adverse Reaction Monitoring in Beijing" and Ms. Zhou Chenchen from the Pharmacovigilance Department was honored with the "Outstanding Individual in Drug Adverse Reaction Monitoring in Beijing" title. Beilu Pharmaceutical has consecutively won the "Advanced Unit for Routine Drug Adverse Reaction Monitoring" honor for the past seven years.

Beilu Pharmaceutical is committed to public health, assuming the responsibility to ensure that patients and healthcare workers are informed about drug safety information. It actively promotes the high-quality production of pharmaceuticals and dedicates its efforts to safeguarding public health. The company strives to continuously enhance its pharmacovigilance effectiveness through comprehensive systems, standardized processes, and professional research. Through persistent efforts, the company has developed an effective operational system. Firstly, the company has established and continuously improved systems for pharmacovigilance management, making these operations systematic, standardized, and institutionalized. Secondly, the company holds regular training sessions on pharmacovigilance for all staff, emphasizing the importance of pharmacovigilance work, spreading awareness on the responsibilities of pharmaceutical industry personnel, and detailing the processes for reporting and handling adverse drug reactions. This training includes multiple departments and channels, such as medical marketing, sales systems, production, and quality control, to create a workflow for collecting and reporting drug safety information.

Beilu Pharmaceutical's Pharmacovigilance Department conducts multi-faceted safety analyses of collected adverse reaction data. Additionally, the company regularly organizes expert panels for in-depth analysis and assessment to mitigate the occurrence of adverse drug reactions and avoid unnecessary medication risks. It promptly updates drug leaflets to ensure that patients and healthcare workers are fully informed about drug safety information. As an exemplary representative, the company's Pharmacovigilance Department represented Beijing pharmaceutical companies in the "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Pharmacovigilance Symposium" in 2023. It was invited to deliver specialized lectures on understanding pharmacovigilance, system development, and quality management practices, sharing its experiences in building a pharmacovigilance system.

Ensuring the safety of drug use for patients is our mission, and the significance and importance of pharmacovigilance work are self-evident. Beilu Pharmaceutical's Pharmacovigilance Department will continue to develop to high standards, upholding the company's mission of prioritizing public health and fully protecting the health of the people.

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