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Beilu Pharma Established a Wholly-owned R&D Subsidiary


Taking the "Top 100 Chinese Pharmaceutical Enterprises" as the medium and long-term goal, Beilu Pharma has decided to choose not only the Contrast Agent field, Central Nervous System (Proprietary Chinese Medicine), and Endocrine field, which have already been deployed, but also Cardio-Cerebrovascular System, Digestive System, Nervous (Spiritual) System (Chemical Medicine), which are in great market demand, as the key project area. Meanwhile, Beilu Pharma actively builds a multi-level R & D system to enhance the company's R & D strength.

Recently, Beijing Beilu Yikang Pharmaceutical Research and Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Beilu Yikang"), a wholly-owned subsidiary established by the company with its own funds of 10 million yuan, has completed industrial and commercial registration.

As the company's R&D platform for high-end generic drug formulations and innovative drugs, Beilu Yikang will gradually introduce high-end R&D talents to gradually enrich the varieties of high-end generic drugs; layout innovative drugs, and create innovative formulation channels. At the same time, the listed varieties will continue to be optimized in the process to improve product quality safety and efficacy.

Beilu Yikang, the R&D Center, and the Business Development Department (BD) constitute a new R&D system. The three relatively independent and collaborative R&D institutions will greatly enhance the company's R&D strength and efficiency, laying a solid foundation for the company to continue to launch new products and maintain stable performance in the future.

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