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Beilu's Iopamidol Injection Won the Bid for China's Pharmaceutical Centralized Procurement


On July 12, 2022, Beilu participated in the seventh batch of national centralized drug procurement organized by the National Organization for Centralized Drug Procurement and Use Joint Procurement Office. Our company's Iopamidol injection (370mgI/mL 100ml) was proposed to be selected in the centralized procurement.

Basic information about the products to be won:

Generic name of drug

Declared product specification


Proposed selection price (yuan)

Procurement lead time

Iopamidol Injection

370mgI/mL 100ml

Beijing Beilu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


3 years

Impact on the company:

According to the regulations, during the procurement cycle, medical institutions will give priority to using the winning drugs and ensure that the agreed procurement volume is completed. Confirming the selection, signing the purchase contract and implementing it will help the company to enhance the competitiveness of contrast agent products, further develop the contrast agent market, and increase market share and brand influence.

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