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Beilu Pharmaceutical's Repaglinide Tablets Receive Generic Drug Bioequivalence Assessment


Recently, Beilu Pharmaceutical received the "Drug Supplement Application Approval Notice" (Notice No.: 2023B02662) for repaglinide tablets issued by the National Medical Products Administration. Repaglinide tablets received generic drug bioequivalence assessment.

Repaglinide tablets are non-sulfonylurea insulin secretagogues used to treat type II diabetes patients. This product was launched in China in 2000, and is a Category B drug in the national medical insurance directory and a product in the national essential medicine list. Repaglinide tablets are listed in various guidelines and agreements at home and abroad as medications for diabetic patients with renal insufficiency.

After the approval of repaglinide tablets (1mg) and its consistency evaluation, repaglinide tablets (0.5mg) also passed the consistency evaluation of quality and efficacy of generic drugs. This is beneficial for enhancing the market competitiveness of the company's hypoglycemic products and further increasing the sales scale of hypoglycemic products.


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