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Beilu Pharmaceutical Has Won the


Recently, the Beijing Municipal Drug Administration and the Beijing Municipal Health Commission issued a notification on "Commending Outstanding Units and Individuals in the Monitoring of Adverse Reactions of Drug and Cosmetic Products in 2022". According to the notification, Beijing Beilu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was awarded the honor of "Advanced Unit in Daily Monitoring of Drug Adverse Reactions in Beijing" and Zhou Chenchen from the Drug Vigilance Department was awarded the honor of "Outstanding Individual in Monitoring of Drug Adverse Reactions in Beijing".

Beilu Pharmaceutical has won the "Advanced Unit in Daily Monitoring of Drug Adverse Reactions" award for five consecutive years. We express our gratitude and congratulations to all members of the Drug Vigilance Department! We hope that they will continue to work hard and achieve greater success in the future!

The company attaches great importance to ensuring patient medication safety. Over the years, the company has continuously improved the drug vigilance system and the adverse reaction reporting process, collected and summarized drug adverse reaction reports through various channels, timely reported them to regulatory authorities, and regularly summarized, analyzed, evaluated and taken measures to avoid or reduce risks based on the received drug adverse reaction information. This is to protect the health of patients, extend the product life cycle, and ensure sustainable development of the enterprise.

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