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109 Million! Subsidiary Hichi Pharmaceutical Completed a New Round of Financing to Help Increase Profitability


To further promote the development of the company's main business and enhance the company's competitiveness, Zhejiang Hichi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., its holding subsidiary, launched a new round of fixed growth plans in August 2021. The 9.1 million shares issued by the fixed increase were subscribed by Delphi China medical value investment private securities investment fund and paid on November 5th.

Recently, the new shares of Hichi Pharmaceutical have completed equity registration and will be listed and publicly transferred in the National SME share transfer system from December 8th.Hichi

The 109.2 million yuan raised in this directional issuance will be used to repay bank loans to optimize the financial structure of Hichi Pharmaceutical, improve profitability and anti-risk ability, further promote the development of the company's main business and ensure the full implementation of the company's overall business objectives and development strategy.


After this issuance, Beilu holds 29.94% of the shares of Hichi Pharmaceutical, and together with Zeng Chunhui, the person acting in concert holds 58.64% of the shares of Hichi Pharmaceutical. The actual controller, controlling shareholder, person acting in concert, and the largest shareholder of Hichi Pharmaceutical will not change, which will not lead to the change of the company's control over Hichi pharmaceutical.

Since the acquisition of Hichi Pharmaceutical, the company has given all-around support in management, R & D, finance, manpower, and other aspects. With the continuous release of production capacity, the performance of Hichi Pharmaceutical has been significantly improved. In the first half of the year, Hichi Pharmaceutical achieved a sales revenue of 66.6216 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 2470.20%, a record high for the company. At present, Hichi's production capacity is still in the climbing stage, and it is expected to release at least 200 tons of iohexol API production capacity this year.

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