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Good News: Beilu Pharmaceutical's Jiu Wei Zhenxin Granules Included in 21 Industry Guidelines Consensus Teaching Materials



Recently, Beilu Pharmaceutical's independently developed exclusive pure Chinese medicine formulation, Jiuwei Zhenxin granules, has been included in the "Double Heart Outpatient Construction Specification China Expert Consensus" as a recommended Chinese patent medicine for anxiety and depression in cardiovascular patients. Currently, this product has been included in 21 industry guidelines/consensuses.

The "Double Heart Outpatient Construction Specification China Expert Consensus," organized by the Chinese Society of Psychosomatic Medicine and the Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation Committee of the Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine, was officially released in January 2024. In clinical practice, cardiovascular disease patients often experience psychological problems, which mutually influence and worsen the disease. Dual heart medicine is an interdisciplinary subject formed by the intersection and integration of cardiology and psychology, emphasizing attention to the mental and psychological status of cardiovascular disease patients.

Jiuwei Zhenxin granules are the first domestic innovative Chinese patent medicine with a clear indication for "generalized anxiety disorder." This product not only provides precise effectiveness to patients with anxiety disorders, but also has a lower incidence of adverse reactions and no risk of addiction and withdrawal. Therefore, since its launch, this product has been recognized and praised by numerous experts in the field of mental and psychological disorders. Currently, Jiuwei Zhenxin granules have been widely used in thousands of terminal hospitals across departments such as neurology, psychiatry, sleep medicine, and gastroenterology to serve patients with anxiety disorders, and the "first brand of anti-anxiety Chinese medicine" has gradually become well-known.

In recent years, the company has comprehensively enhanced the influence of the "first brand of anti-anxiety Chinese medicine": on the one hand, it has focused on promoting evidence-based medicine through product development, actively expanding new sales channels such as e-commerce and retail, and developing a variety of health products to build the "Jiuwei" brand series; at the same time, it has initiated registration in Hong Kong(China) and Thailand to lay the foundation for opening up foreign markets.

As the company's core flagship product in the field of Chinese patent medicine, based on Jiuwei Zhenxin granules, the company is striving to expand its layout and investment in the field of traditional Chinese medicine and cultivate new growth points.

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